Nineteen, Nineteen, Nineteen Eighty Four.

1984My life seems to be revolving around this school-assigned read at the moment.

Everywhere I lay my eyes, I seem to see a reference to George Orwell and his futuristic novel.

Books, TV shows, articles, movies, radio. All their subtle references to 1984 have been revealed to me.

Now that I’ve read the book, every piece of media, every conversation, every document, has Orwellian allusions and quotes riddled throughout it. In the few weeks I’ve been reading the book,

Big Brother, Tele-screens, 1984, Winston Smith. They’re all embedded in an incredible amount of literature and media. The latest example is Laurie Oakes article for National Nine News at

1984 seems to have had an incredible impact on the consciousness of our nation and world. It’s made us think. And worry. And pray that some of those things will never happen


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